Believing in the value of social responsibilities to enterprises, the Impact and Sustainable Finance Group promotes incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into business decision-making, economic development and investment strategies. With the increase in the number of green bonds issued by enterprises, sustainability finance has become a part of the capital market ignored by few. Green finance may help financial institutions enhance corporation value and customer satisfaction, as well as reduce costs of funds, loss of human resources, financial difficulties, and some others, explaining why it attracts this Group. Islamic finance, another subject widely discussed recently, also appeal to this Group. In general, the Impact and Sustainable Finance Group attends to topics like the impact of ESG on corporate value, impact investing, effects of government regulations on green finance, and the human and information needs while being executed. The Impact and Sustainable Finance Group members are authors of papers in leading international journals, such as the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Management Science, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of Empirical Finance, and some others. Among them, Professor Chang, Chuang-Chang, currently the Dean of the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, is noted for his excellent academic performance and role as the helmsman of Taiwan’s financial development while serving as Vice Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission. Assistant Professor Yi-Chieh Huang is an outstanding young scholar and winner of the Yushan Academic Prize. Looking forward, the development of the Impact and Sustainable Finance Group focuses on the sustainability finance of the Islamic religious system, the influence of religion and leadership characteristics on sustainability, and the relationship between corporate religious factors and credit risks of green bonds.