Asst Prof. Shu-Cing Peng

☎:03-4227151 ext. 66261


Education Background

國立台灣大學 財務金融學系 博士

Research Field


Research Project

1.  兩個有關性別差異性的公司財務議題(2020-2022)

2. 技能配置錯誤對公司投資及融資的影響(2019-2020)

Periodical Article

1.Commitment to Build Trust by Socially Responsible Firms: Evidence from Cash Holdings (w/ Ching-Hung Chang, Sheng-Syan Chen, and Yan-Shing Chen*), 2019, Journal of Corporate Finance, 56: 364-387. (SSCI)

2.Natural Disasters, Technology Diversity, and Operating Performance (w/ Po-Hsuan Hsu*, Hsiao-Hui Lee, and Long Yi), 2018, Review of Economics and Statistics, 100: 619-630. (SSCI)