Understanding sustainable development as the core of long-term value creation aimed to maximize positive environmental and social impact, the Social Impact and Public Policy Group endeavours to advance approaches to reach such goals. The fact that few institutions and organizations consider sustainable development, impact and the application of international standards while making decisions leads to several problems, including the failure to carry out sustainable development, optimize impact management quality, and align organizational strategies with global sustainable development goals. Taiwan’s academic community in the impact-related field is currently in an early stage of development, and thus conducting advanced research on impact measurement and management methods and international standards is urgent. The Social Impact and Public Policy Group will focus on the impact measurement methods and tools, impact measurement indicators, social value financial proxy, impact policies and institutions, and others. The advantage of the Social Impact and Public Policy Group lies in the leadership of a scholar noted for his expertise and practice experience in impact measurement and management in Taiwan. Not only a certified high-level practitioner, Professor Shen, Chien-wen also serves as a core member of the ISO 37005 and the Sustainability Study Review Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Looking forward, the Social Impact and Public Policy Group will focus on impact accounting, international impact standards, and impact management cases in Asia.