Pin-Huang Chou, Prof.

☎:03-4227151 ext. 66270


Education Background

美國華盛頓大學 經濟學系 博士

Research Field



Behavioral Finance

Research Project

1. 倫理與資產定價:理論與實證(2019)

Periodical Article

1. T.-Y. Chen, P.-H. Chou, C.-H. Hsieh, and S. G. Rhee, 2021, Momentum life cycle, revisited, Journal of Banking and Finance 127, 106-119. (SSCI, MOST Finance A Tier 1)

2. T.-Y. Chen, P.-H. Chou, K.-C. Ko, and S. G. Rhee, 2020, Nonparametric momentum based on ranks and signs, Journal of Empirical Finance 60, 94-109. (SSCI, MOST Finance A Tier 1)

3. T.-Y. Chen, P.-H. Chou, N.-T. Yang, 2020, Momentum and reversals: Are they really separate phenomena?  Finance Research Letters 32, Article 101102. (SSCI)