Hong-Ren Huang, Prof.

☎:03-4227151 ext. 66253


Education Background

美國雪城大學 財務金融學系 博士

Research Field

Derivatives Pricing

Lease Financing

Financial Economics

Research Project

1. 資訊安全風險與公司理財決策的兩個研究議題(2021-2023)

2. 資產可重置性與企業避稅決策(2020)

Periodical Article

1. Huang, Guan-Ying, Henry H. Huang, Chun I Lee, 2020, “Taming the dark side of asset liquidity: The role of short-term debt”, International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol.69, p539-562 (SSCI)

2. Li, Shaoyu, Henry H. Huang, and Teng Zhang,2020, “Generalized Affine Transform on Pricing Quanto Range Accrual Note”, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Volume 54 (SSCI)

3. Huang, Guan-Ying, Henry H. Huang, and Chun Lee, 2019, “Is CEO Pay Disparity Relevant to Seasoned Bondholders?”, International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol.64, p271-289 (SSCI)

4. Ambrose, Brent, Thomas Emmerling, Henry H. Huang, and Yildiray Yildirim, 2019, “Capital Structure and the Substitutability versus Complementarity Nature of Leases and Debt”, Review of Finance, Vol. 23, p659-695 (SSCI, Financial Times 50)

5. Li, Shaoyu and Henry H. Huang, 2019, Pricing and hedging range accrual notes with stochastic mean, stochastic volatility, and jumps”, Journal of Management Sciences in China, 《管理科学学报》2019年 第2期(CSSCI)